Lanfine Wind Power Project

Location Oyen, Alberta
Number of Turbines 35
Project Size 150 MW
Turbine Vestus 4.5 MW
Commercial Operation Q4 2022

BowArk Energy Ltd. is proposing the development of the Lanfine Wind Power Project in the vicinity of Oyen, Alberta.

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South Kent Wind Farm

Location Chatham, Ontario
Number of Turbines 124
Project Size 270 MW
Turbine Siemens 2.3 MW
Commercial Operation 2014
Owner and Operator Pattern Energy

The South Kent Wind Farm was originated by BowArk Energy in 2007 in the vicinity of Chatham Ontario along the shores of Lake Erie. BowArk began community consultation and wind tests in the summer of 2007 and partnered with Pattern Energy and Samsung Renewable Energy Inc. who obtained a long term power purchase agreement with the Ontario Power Authority. BowArk lead the permitting activities to guide the project through the Ministry of Environment’s Renewable Energy Approval. The South Kent Wind Project began construction in 2012 and started delivering energy to the grid in April of 2014. The South Kent Wind project is now operated by Pattern Energy.

St. Joseph Wind Farm

Location St. Joseph, Manitoba
Number of Turbines 60
Project Size 138 MW
Turbine Siemens 2.3 MW
Commercial Operation 2011
Owner and Operator Pattern Energy

The St. Joseph wind project, located in Southern Manitoba in the vicinity of the town of St. Joseph, was developed and financed by the BowArk team. This 60 turbine, 138MW project was submitted in response to Manitoba Hydro’s 2007 Request for Proposal for wind energy projects and began delivering green energy to the Manitoba grid in 2011.

BowArk commenced community engagement activities in 2005 signing long term agreements with landowners and working with the Rural
Municipalities of Montcalm and Rhineland. The team at BowArk erected wind measurement masts to study the wind, and conducted all environmental baseline and impact studies to obtain provincial approval for the wind project. BowArk lead the design and engineering estimate with wind construction experts, Mortenson, and assisted in financing due diligence activities with our Partner, Pattern Energy. BowArk obtained federal funding through the EcoEnergy wind power incentive to provide $0.01/kWh. During construction, BowArk provided construction support to Pattern Energy to build the wind project in less than 8 months. Pattern Energy now owns and operates the St. Joseph Wind Energy Project.

St. Leon Wind Farm

Location St. Leon, Manitoba
Number of Turbines 63
Project Size 99 MW
Turbine Vestas 1.65 MW
Commercial Operation 2006
Owner and Operator Algonquin Power and Utilities Corp

BowArk acquired the 99 MW St. Leon Wind Project, located in South Western Manitoba, from Global Renewable Energy Partners (GREP) who had previously obtained a power purchase agreement with Manitoba Hydro. BowArk raised equity flow through units through an entity called Air Source, and partnered with Algonquin Power and Utilities Corp to provide the remaining financing. BowArk Energy secured the federal government Wind Power Production Incentive for the St. Leon facility which provides $0.01 per kWh of electricity produced. The St. Leon project began generating electricity in 2006, and within 2 years of operation, Algonquin acquired all flow through units and is now the long term operator of the facility